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Microsoft introducing Windows Copilot and enhanced developer tools #shorts

AI has emerged as the defining technology of our era, with developers playing a crucial role in driving this transformation. By equipping them with the right…

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29 October 2022 8:55

Generate free images using Playground AI #shorts

Free online AI image creator using stable diffusion and DALL-E under the hood. Free AI image generator: Art, Social Media, Marketing |…

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3 August 2022 17:14

Automated visual testing with screenshots

In this post, I'll briefly describe how an easy-to-install plugin for Cypress will allow us to extend our E2E testing to include…

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22 May 2022 19:41

Add text to speech audio reader to your website

Short post about my experimental implementation of Web Speech API specifically the SpeechSynthesis interface that allows you to add the ability to…

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22 May 2022 12:46

Change Detection and performance in Angular

Angular has a Change Detector mechanism attached to each component that is responsible for synchronizing data between the component and its theme.…

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16 May 2022 15:36

Helpful sources while analyzing stock market investments

I post a list of sites I use to analyze individual stock companies and the housing market. Stock market Market Beat [EN]https://www.marketbeat.com/stocks/NASDAQ/MSFT/…

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5 May 2022 16:37

Automate yours NPM dependencies updates

Every person whose everyday work is related to modern technologies knows very well how important it is to take care of widely…

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14 December 2021 21:06

How about looking at it all “Differently”?

Today's post is inspired by a recently read by me book "Inaczej" by Radek Kotarski (unfortunately available only in Polish), in which…

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11 October 2021 19:46

Reflections on types in TypeScript

TypeScript has gained staggering popularity in recent years, but why do we actually use it, what are its pros and cons? Advantages…

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9 October 2021 13:50

Generate Angular models and services from OpenAPI and GraphQL

TypeScript typing is an indisputable help in writing safe and readable code. In the case of operating on data that comes from…

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3 October 2021 16:29

Database of free images and short films

Photography and travel are my break from everyday life, so I decided to publish what I manage to capture with my camera's…

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