AI has emerged as the defining technology of our era, with developers playing a crucial role in driving this transformation. By equipping them with the right tools, developers, along with customers, can shape the future and make a lasting impact. The remarkable effects of AI can already be seen across various industries, as well as in daily life. To further capitalize on this, the team behind Windows 11 announced the next steps they are taking in their journey to embrace AI.

Windows 11 introduces Windows Copilot, making it the first PC platform to offer centralized AI assistance, which will enable users to easily accomplish tasks and be more efficient. Bing Chat plugins will be extended to Windows, allowing developers to integrate their applications within Windows Copilot, thereby improving customer service and boosting engagement with native Windows apps. A new Hybrid AI loop will be launched to facilitate AI development across platforms, including Azure, with additional silicon support from major players such as AMD, Intel, Nvidia, and Qualcomm. Furthermore, Dev Home will be introduced to enhance productivity for developers working on Windows. Lastly, new AI features and experiences will be integrated into the Microsoft Store on Windows.