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6 February 2023 16:00

Tips for improving your productivity as a programmer

Programming is a complex and demanding job that requires a great deal of focus and concentration. As a programmer, it is important…

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24 November 2022 19:00

Compound effect for any area of life

Compound effect is the principle of reaping huge rewards from a series of small, smart choices. It’s the strategy of many successful…

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14 December 2021 21:06

How about looking at it all “Differently”?

Today's post is inspired by a recently read by me book "Inaczej" by Radek Kotarski (unfortunately available only in Polish), in which…

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18 August 2021 16:08

Build your life’s foundation

The Internet is full of life advice and tips for every occasion. I dedicate this entry first of all to myself. It…

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