Artificial intelligence models for transforming a text input into an image have gained a lot of popularity in recent months. The most popular among them are DALL·E 2, Stable Diffusion and Midjourney. The graphics generated in this article are from the last of these.

We can use the mentioned models in a very creative way to support our daily work and get new inspiration. Below you will find a few examples of the many ways we can use them, in the form of quotes I have also added the texts (so-called prompt) with which some of the graphics were generated.

Website designs

Inspirations, quick suggestions for the client:

Plumbing and heating website design, An eco-friendly design featuring green and beige tones. The imagery will showcase sustainable heating systems, with close-ups of solar panels, energy-efficient boilers, and heat pumps. The environment will be depicted as natural and serene, with greenery and a blurred background. The mood will be calm and reassuring, as it aims to establish the brand as an environmentally responsible provider of plumbing and heating solutions. Digital illustration with a soft, watercolor effect to create a soothing atmosphere.

A travel-themed website project describing campervan travel in beautiful places.


Inspirations, but also ready-made logos:

Striking Smile Logo, an impressionistic style painting depicting a human face in pastel shades. The background landscape is a flowery field with soft, vibrant colors. The smile is the focal point of the painting, capturing the joy and happiness of the moment. Inspired by Claude Monet and Vincent van Gogh. intricate, ornate. –stylize 1000

carpenter, lineart one color, claer background, steampunk style

brand logo design of a green parrot flies in front of the Cologne cathedral in a jungle setting, simple colors

Content enrichment

Graphics to enrich articles, posts:

water colour drawing nature

zmagictouch on black background, food styling, photoshoot, direct spotlight, modern, coloful

Game graphics

energy, gem 💎 , purpul, hyper realistic, fantacy background, cinematic lighting, 64k

Products and marketing

Inspiration for new product designs, advertising campaigns:

Generate an image for an e-commerce website’s beauty category, specifically for a cleansing cream. The image should reflect the idea of cleanliness, beauty routines, and skincare. The product is a 200ml bottle of cleansing cream with a pump dispenser on the top for easy use. The label should include the brand name “La Cremerie” and the product category “Cleansing Cream.” The image should feature a clean and minimalist aesthetic with a focus on the product. The background could be a soft pastel color like light blue or pink to represent a calming and soothing feeling. The bottle of cleansing cream should be the main focus of the image, with the label prominently displayed. The label should be clean and modern with a simple font that is easy to read. To convey the idea of cleanliness and skincare, the bottle of cleansing cream could be surrounded by a few skincare items like a cotton pad, a towel, or a small plant. These items would add visual interest to the image and also suggest how the cleansing cream fits into a larger beauty routine. Overall, the image should be simple, clean, and elegant. It should showcase the product and convey the benefits of using a cleansing cream in a beauty routine.

Characters, comics, stories

1970s masculine muscular black male anime character concept drawings for a male sci fi space technician with a wearing a white armored exo suit with navy blue and black highlights, shown full body, style 1970s anime full color space fantasy character concept design drawings, hyper-detailed –ar 9:12

And also inspiration for architects, icons and whatever else we can think of.

Amazing, the limit is only our imagination!