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21 April 2023 17:03

Stability AI has introduced StableLM #shorts

Stability AI has introduced StableLM, a new open-source language model with Alpha versions available in 3 billion and 7 billion parameters. This…

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23 March 2023 17:06

GitHub Copilot X: AI-driven coding automation #shorts

GitHub Copilot X is a vision for the future of AI-powered software development, introducing chat, voice, and the ability to answer questions…

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19 March 2023 18:04

Einstein GPT: Salesforce’s New CRM Generative AI #shorts

Salesforce has integrated with OpenAI to bring customers generative AI capabilities like chat summarization, research tools, and writing assistance, and has launched…

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11 February 2023 20:15

Battle between Microsoft and Google: generative AI in search results #shorts

The battle between Microsoft and Google has taken a step up with the introduction of generative AI in their search engines, Bing…

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21 January 2023 10:16

WordPress released SQLIte database integration for testing #shorts

WordPress now has an SQLite integration module available for testing. This will allow simpler hosting and deployment of applications without the need…

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4 January 2023 20:14

OpenAI invests in first 4 startups #shorts

OpenAI has made four investments in startups pushing the boundaries of AI. Descript is a powerful video editor using AI to make…

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25 November 2022 20:00

New Notion’s AI-powered assistant #shorts

Notion has released an AI-powered copywriting assistant in private alpha recently. The new functionality can create functional scaffolds for blogs, social media…

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22 November 2022 18:00

TEDTalk: Danny Hillis – Back to the future (1994) #shorts

TEDTalk from 1994, Danny Hillis on how the accelerating pace of technology is linked to the evolution of life.

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20 November 2022 17:00

Experimental view transitions for traditional MPAs #shorts

Examples of experimental View Transition API for traditional Multi-page Apps.

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10 November 2022 20:00

Let’s talk with books #shorts

Use natural language to ask questions to books. You can browse through book passages using experimental AI from Google. Talk to BooksTalk…

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